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I am a lecturer at (Amsterdam University College).

I teach & .

Studied/lived in , for PhD (done at , London).

Because of love, I divide my time between #Medellín, and , .

I spend too much time playing around with , .

I have a small blog:

I like to make :

I play a small role in Amsterdam

On Matrix:

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First, thanks for developing a great app!

Second, we have a problem :)

The people coordinating IT services among Dutch academic institutions - @SURF - have made it possible for employees and students to use institutional credentials to register for an account at their own server, maintained by @SLURF Which is amazing.

But when people try to log in on their new account with Tusky, they get stuck in the Mastodon web-layout. And some people don't even make it past the log in.

Edited 12d ago

@Tusky Some screenshots to show what is happening (for example to @MarcoMaas @vtijms and me). And maybe my direct colleague @bon has the same issue?)

Other clients (like Tooot) do not seem to show this behaviour.

Edited 13d ago


Although the fact that other clients like Tooot seem to be working fine, suggests that it is not a Mastodon issue, but a Tusky issue? Maybe this issue is closer to what we experience?

@bon @MarcoMaas @SURF @vtijms @SLURF @bas