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• Mastodon client for Android • available on F-Droid and Google Play • Free & Open Source • this account is run by Maloki and Conny Duck

This is a member of another server. See their original profile ➔

@MishaVelthuis sounds like is related to this

@tinx do you have a emoji picker on your built in keyboard? Or a setting for it?

@Tattooed_mummy the FAQ is very new. 😅

@botvolution @fencoul we do read more here, even if we don't respond.

Our FAQ is now also available in French!

@xrobau @bitpirate yeah, no. No Google Push API.

We're using unified push. But you need to set up stuff on your side too.

@Wilhelm members of our team have commented in the issue, yes.

Additional info is always useful,
Are you on the latest version? On beta? Or nightly? (yes, 3 different options, but basically the about info should show you which version number you're running)

Are you trying to log in with a Mastodon account or another ActivityPub account?

@Wildheart_Baby no worries. Maybe you were looking for likes, sometimes we just don't connect the dots! It's okay.

@Wildheart_Baby favorites in the side bar.

@Wildheart_Baby check the filters in your notifications tab.

@axkira no.

@DarkWraithLord no of course that is not normal

@hayo yes it not ideal we need to improve that somehow

@hayo That is because the mute button only creates a filter for the home timeline. If you want a stricter filter you'll have to create it manually.

@Heidentweet To open your own profile, click the profile picture in the menu drawer.

@hayo where does it show up?

@MeshForce try the "Login with Browser" option from the three dot menu

@cpamoa Yes! We are on it

@ricard Thank you so much!

@coffe F-Droid automatically picks up new releases and then builds the apps from their source. This is nice because you can be sure to get the same code as published by the developers. But this process takes a while. And once it is done it is not available instantly because the F-Droid index needs to be updated as well which only happens periodically. So it can take up to a few days until a release is available via F-Droid and there is nothing we as devs can do about it.

@mustamakkara As soon as they have built it and published an index update! Can be anywhere between a few hours to days.

@coffe you know how F-Droid works, right?