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• Mastodon client for Android • available on F-Droid and Google Play • Free & Open Source • this account is run by Maloki and Conny Duck

This is a member of another server. See their original profile ➔

21 is out Emoji blobcat

Edit: happy editing!

Edited 48d ago

@mg Do they? Do you have examples?

Our FAQs have been updated thanks to @nikclayton! They are the best place to start if you have any questions about , take a look:

@andy you can read our discussion here:

@mokazemi no (not yet)

@Yuvalne 💙

@pavel Ok what should we do with this information?

@ASP Use you keyboard to input regular unicode emojis. Usually they have a dedicated button or are hidden behind long-pressing enter or something.

@rubentura Tusky 22 will have trending tags support

@glorfindel the fix is in beta 2

@benhaube You can just switch visibility to direct for DMs?

Update fixing the 21.0 beta startup crash on Android pre 11 is now available via Google Play

@assbach Leaving beta and then reinstalling should work. Sorry for the inconvenience, a fix for the crash should be available in a few hours!

The first beta version of 21 is out!
✅ Editing
✅ change your preferred reading direction
✅ improved (bigger) media previews
✅ add accounts to lists from their profile
✅ view all your followed hashtags
full changelog:
⚠️ There is a known issue of 21.0 beta 1 crashing on Androids below 11 that is already being fixed

@twodimes there will be a warning starting from Tusky 21

@tebicat Yes it will be in Tusky 21

@paol the option will be available again in Tusky 21

@f You can not. Starting from Tusky 21 you will be able to change in which direction it loads posts though.

@toddlyons You have to ask that your server software, we just display what we get from its Api 🤷‍♂️

@Dangerous_beans it does? On the second step below the comment box

@kikodiva Can you see them on the webapp?

@ferrous Yes the settings are local to Tusky, but having it as Account Preferences enables you to have different tabs for different accounts!

@Schaf oh I see. That is currently not possible.

@Schaf You can add a custom tab that will show multiple hashtags. Go to Account Preferences -> Tabs