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First, thanks for developing a great app!

Second, we have a problem :)

The people coordinating IT services among Dutch academic institutions - @SURF - have made it possible for employees and students to use institutional credentials to register for an account at their own server, maintained by @SLURF Which is amazing.

But when people try to log in on their new account with Tusky, they get stuck in the Mastodon web-layout. And some people don't even make it past the log in.

Edited 11d ago

@Tusky Some screenshots to show what is happening (for example to @MarcoMaas @vtijms and me). And maybe my direct colleague @bon has the same issue?)

Other clients (like Tooot) do not seem to show this behaviour.

Edited 13d ago

@MishaVelthuis sounds like is related to this


Although the fact that other clients like Tooot seem to be working fine, suggests that it is not a Mastodon issue, but a Tusky issue? Maybe this issue is closer to what we experience?

@bon @MarcoMaas @SURF @vtijms @SLURF @bas