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I've migrated to sdf from my old home at I've been floating in the fediverse since at least 2018 so this ain't (as they say) my first rodeo.

Content? Arts, politics, synthery, maybe Python & linuxy goodness, mostly, I think, we'll see ...

If you followed me as @ botvolution @ botsin. space or at Twitter, I'll be happy to see you in my followers here. Especially as they've suspended me over there for spurious reasons.

This is a member of another server. See their original profile ➔

@fencoul @Tusky

A reliable way to get feature requests into the developers' eyeline is to open them as issues on the Tusky repository at GitHub (issues include feature requests as well as bugs)

(The downside from the user pov is that you have to create a login at github which you might never use again lol)

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