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Emoji python I write about , , , and the ✨ PSF Fellow 🐍 Maintainer of packages like and Requests 📦 Principal Software Engineer at Elastic, Minnesoootan, He/Him

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I don't know if I'm getting better at writing or what but I'm quite proud of Trustore's new elevator pitch 😊

@jacob This is one of three shows I watch on Dropout, the other two being spinoffs of Game Changer concepts :) cannot recommends more!

PyPI blog! PyPI blog! 🤩

@annevk Speaking from the POV of users I've met: the need to override percent-encoding or normalization, even when such normalization is required by standards.

Here's an example query on the dataset, what are the most used packages that only have one maintainer account listed on PyPI?

Hey look, new data!

Getting close to 200K unique accounts on PyPI 👀

@quentinpradet 😊 You are too kind!

I'm quite happy with the visuals of this article, love an excuse to use! 😍

One of the many highlights of Elastic's "Engineering All Hands" was finally meeting my friend @quentinpradet after 5 years of collaborating together on urllib3.

appears to be off the naughty list for Google Safe Browsing, hopefully that means I can continue using them as a newsletter service for the next article at least. Phew! 😰

Still looking at alternatives, looks like a good one that lets you completely disable click tracking.

1.26.15 has been released! 📦 This is the first release that was kicked off by a community member.

This release contains a fix for socket timeout consistency on connection reuse and fixes for IDNA and URL encoding.

GitHub to start rolling out 2FA requirement in 3 days! 🥳

You've heard of responsive layouts but what about... responsive prose! (Have a paragraph say "below" or "to the right" depending on layout)

As someone who's very intrigued by MyST, this is super exciting! 🤩

"Community-driven tools for the future of technical communication and publication"

@webology 😊 Thank you! Glad you enjoyed.

Looks like link tracking service is getting marked as malicious by Safe Browsing, so now all my newsletter links are getting shown as malicious... is this impacting anyone else using Tinyletter?

I need to blog about my workflows more often, was surprised how much positive response I saw from the pyenv+nox article. That article was written in 10-15 minutes before running out the door... 🤯

@adamchainz Oh wow, I'm so glad I posted this haha, I've learned 2 new things about pyenv from comments!!! I'll update the article to mention that too.

@untitaker You can set global versions too with "pyenv global 3.7 3.8 3.9 etc" and then all versions are available via "python3.10 -m venv ..."

If you don't need completions I think you can get away with only adding the shims directory to your PATH? Don't quote me on that though, I haven't tried it myself.

@hynek Oh yeah, you totally could use pyenv global <versions> too. Maybe I should update the post to do that, set and forget!

📜 New article: "Testing multiple versions with and ":

Nothing like picking up fancy salads while wearing a SPAM sweatshirt 🐷🥗

@brettcannon @carlton Seems fine to me, in those situations it'd be the 99% case even if it wasn't the guaranteed fallback :)

@brettcannon @carlton ++, however there aren't any good choices for Linux. Could take the approach similar to Ruby's package ecosystem and offer one common API on top of many potential underlying ones (curl, wget, macOS URLSession, Windows wininet HttpSendRequestA)

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