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Hello There!

This is my personal corner in the Fediverse.

Unfortunately, this Takahē instance is private and doesn't accept new users.

If you want to try Takahē out please join the flagship instance at

Recent Posts

Rubber Duck is ready for Halloween 🎃

Hi guys, it’s been hard to be able create lately, unfortunately I don’t have enough time. But I created this cutie here and would like to share with you. I hope it helps make your day better 💕✨

Today, after letting my x/twitter account idling for 6 months after announcing my move to the fediverse, I finally deactivated it for good. It feels nice to have one less bigtech social media profile 😌

Hello everyone! This is a drawing I did based on the created by the artist @poopikatt as you can find her on instagram. I added an image of her post here. I hope you enjoy it! 💕✨

Continue with the belly rubs hooman

Hi guys! For my first post, I would like to introduce you to the little fairy that lives in my garden 💕✨
I hope you enjoy the cute illustrations I create 🌟

I'm loving the last thing I was missing from for my timeline to be complete was this stunning content. It's great to discover the artists from the you are awesome 🤩

Small post for those who need to remember how to extract certificate and key from a .pfx file 😊

Acabei de traduzir um post meu sobre como o Mastodon implementa as enquetes em Activitypub pra pt-br 🙂

Backyard was generous today 🥰