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Software Developer and Open Source advocate with a taste for typography.

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Les femmes québécoises travaillent gratuitement depuis samedi

Le travail des femmes d’ici la fin de l’année équivaut à du travail gratuit en raison des iniquités salariales.

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Inter version 4.0 →

After two years of work on a new version of Inter, I'm so proud that it's finally released. (It's been in beta for the past year)

The changes are vast. Most notably there are six additional "Display" designs for large delicious type

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Dear Python developers on Linux

Workbench 45.3 is out and thanks to @capypara, now supports Python Emoji python

Workbench is a code playground for GNOME and GTK Emoji gnome

It features UI live reload, over a 100 demos and inline Python execution.

We hope you like it.

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Superbe carte. Les superficies des pays sont représentées dans leurs tailles réelles (pas comme avec la classique projection de Mercator).
Attention par contre,
la boîte à l'origine de ce visuel, ArtLebedev, a commis une grosse faute impérialiste en comptant la Crimée dans la Russie. Cette région appartient à l'Ukraine, elle est envahit par la Russie contre le droit international.

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The new GTK4 version of Foliate by John Factotum is finally out, and it's gorgeous ✨

This is one of the most polished, most useful third party apps out there, so it's really cool to see it updated to the latest version of the platform. It now also works on mobile, has a better library and navigation, and uses the standard Libadwaita preferences patterns, among other things.

Nice picture I took last autumn 🐿

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day 2:
- watched the keynote
- Hallway track: chatted with and friends @pamelafox, @savannah, Jessica Temporal
- checked out sponsors' booths, got swag, and learned new tech
- learned about products being built by startups in Colombia and India (very cool stuff!!)
- speaker mentorship session

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I have been working on this for the last 2-plus years alongside the terrific folks from Lettermatic type foundry led by @rileycran. All code is letters on a grid. We can make that code more expressive, and layer more meaning on to code.

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New blog post: Life Critical Side Projects

In which I discuss how working on a social media server no longer brings me joy, look at ways to find others to help run it, and ponder on the good and bad of the Fediverse itself. (boosts are more than OK on this one!)

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It's a difficult spell, I know, but you can do it 💜.

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I started putting together a list of games to learn useful skills to build and maintain tech services.

If you are aware of other nice games that can help learning and testing interesting skills, let me know and I'll add them to the list!

🔄 Boosts welcome of course

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tl;dr they give you a broken server and have you figure out how to fix it

like a CTF, but for devops instead of security!

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The main reason I am learning Django is that the Django community seems to have quite a bit of fun.

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Found & love it <3

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Attempt 1. What happens when you invoke . In a single picture.

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Pablo Galindo Salgado and I started a podcast about internals. We call it "", hope you like it!

The first episode is about the core sprint in Brno where we spent last week.

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i feel this in my bones this in my bones, via @nctrost

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Why call it “checking Mastodon,” when you could say, “grabbing a pint at the Activity Pub”

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Well, that was neat. I went outside to turn the compost pile and heard an extremely stereotypical bird of prey sound. Almost what you’d hear in a movie.

A few minutes later, I opened up my BirdNET-Pi dashboard in to see this detection! So neat.

Never saw the bird though.

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Ei pessoal!! A lista de projetos brasileiros pra contribuir nesse Hacktoberfest tá no ar!!

Chega lá pra contribuir com algum! Ou até mesmo com a própria lista adicionando mais projetos 😉

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Project manager: "What's technical debt? Explain it to me like I'm 6 years old"