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Software Developer and Open Source advocate with a taste for typography.

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I started putting together a list of games to learn useful skills to build and maintain tech services.

If you are aware of other nice games that can help learning and testing interesting skills, let me know and I'll add them to the list!

🔄 Boosts welcome of course

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tl;dr they give you a broken server and have you figure out how to fix it

like a CTF, but for devops instead of security!

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The main reason I am learning Django is that the Django community seems to have quite a bit of fun.

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Found & love it <3

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Attempt 1. What happens when you invoke . In a single picture.

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Pablo Galindo Salgado and I started a podcast about internals. We call it "", hope you like it!

The first episode is about the core sprint in Brno where we spent last week.

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i feel this in my bones this in my bones, via @nctrost

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Why call it “checking Mastodon,” when you could say, “grabbing a pint at the Activity Pub”

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Well, that was neat. I went outside to turn the compost pile and heard an extremely stereotypical bird of prey sound. Almost what you’d hear in a movie.

A few minutes later, I opened up my BirdNET-Pi dashboard in to see this detection! So neat.

Never saw the bird though.

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Ei pessoal!! A lista de projetos brasileiros pra contribuir nesse Hacktoberfest tá no ar!!

Chega lá pra contribuir com algum! Ou até mesmo com a própria lista adicionando mais projetos 😉

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Project manager: "What's technical debt? Explain it to me like I'm 6 years old"


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Why did I switch from Unity to Godot?
And it's not because of Unity Install Fee. 😏

Rubber Duck is ready for Halloween 🎃

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Hello le Fediverse,

Je me permets de refaire un petit message à faire voyager.

En effet ce mois-ci j'ai décidé d'arrêter d'utiliser Twitter pour promouvoir mon travail.

Je ne sais pas encore si c'est une mauvaise décision, mais une chose est sûre, si mon travail se balade ici ça ne pourra que me faire un peu moins peur !

Si jamais ça vous dit de partager ce pouet ce serait vraiment super cool !

Merci à tous, et désolé à ceux qui en ont marre de ma tronche 😁

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We passed the €30,000 threshold on the Godot Development Fund today! 🎉

Thanks everyone for your support! 💙

Our current goal is to reach 50k as soon as possible, to secure the current payroll, and enable us to add a couple more developers to the team.

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Python People 7: Mariatta Wijaya

Mariatta has been a contributor to Python for many years and is a very inspiring public speaker.

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Aaaannnnnnnd we got a new blog post: 7 Lessons I learned from recording and editing short videos

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Friendly reminder: we have a livestream tomorrow 😉

This time we will:
• implement a new protected endpoint on the API we’ve been using
• Make protected requests to that new endpoint from the badge

Same usual time and place 10am ET on

See you there!

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Hey!! Tomorrow, Friday 1st of Sept at 10am ET we have a date!!

Let's work on the badger 2040 w from Pimoroni again yay!!

Will this be the day we can make a request to a protected API from the badge? Join and let's figure this out together!

Follow here 👇 to get the notification when I go live! 😉

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Já teve problemas ao renomear arquivos em projetos ? Pois, não precisa mais se estressar, aqui nessa colinha você aprende a renomear arquivos no git do jeito certo!

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To remove the latest stash from the stack and apply it, use the command:

git stash pop

You can find this & more at