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Software Developer and Open Source advocate with a taste for typography.

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Hi folks. Have you run across anything awesome in the space that I haven't recently discussed on @pythonbytes? Looking for another topic for the show next week.

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3.16.2 has been published in prod.

- Peertube support
- Compose shortcut
- Long press compose button to write with another account
- Edit description and focus for media (for the next Mastodon release)

- Cross actions with two accounts display a dialog
- Order & compact og values when sharing > title - url - content
- Tap on top message (user info) open threads

- Text cleared when adding a media
- Fix Maths not working with quotes
- Fix crashes

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I've had the idea for a weird kind of Twitter client for years. With Mastodon being all open, I've decided to do the experiment:

What if your Timeline looked like iMessage. A normal timeline confuses me to no end because everything is out of context.

My experiment, Ebou, is a Mastodon client that looks like iMessage. Conversations are grouped by friends and sorted by recent postings.

It is super basic right now, but this already feels much more natural to me 😀

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Curious about becoming a member of @ThePSF ?

@georgically and I prepared a new representation of the different role types.
Do you volunteer more than 60hours a year in the Python Ecosystem? Sing up!

Join our Diversity and Inclusion chat and learn more:


Oh, it took me a while to figure out you can change the main bar in @Tusky to be positioned at the bottom 🎉

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"Thoughts on the Python packaging ecosystem"

A new blog post, with some of my thoughts on the state of Python packaging ecosystem.

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Came across interesting Python library today: `deprecated`.

It provides a decorator to mark your functions as deprecated,
and even has Sphinx docs support for adding deprecated, versiondadded, and versionchanged directives! 😲

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I've been gradually restyling my website since the new year, wanted something fresh :) What do you think?

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Excellent little article about HTTP content negotiation and drop-throughs:

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Takahē 0.7 is now released! Blocking! Emoji admin! Announcements! Loads of quality of life fixes! Read more at

We've also launched a Patreon for those who want to help us out financially - that's over at

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Along with today's Takahē release, I've written up a bit more technical detail about some of the things we tackled in this release:

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Signups on are now open until we hit 100 users! If you'd like an account, head to

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I want to show my appreciation to the people behind @elk for fixing its incompatability with @takahe impressively quickly, as well as just building a nice client. I've put in a few more endpoints we were missing so it works quite well for the basics now!

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New blog post!

"How the Python Packaging community is organised"

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We'll be doing an episode live stream on Monorepos in tomorrow.

If that sounds interesting, join us to be part of the show and chime in:

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Selecting HTTP version (three) - how to select with going forward

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I turned my Kinetic Kudu illustration into a full HD wallpaper. ✨ Hand-painted. ✨
The original artwork took one month to create and almost the same amount of time was spent on turning the artwork into a wallpaper.
It's a good time to update your rotating desktop backgrounds to give your homes some kinetic energy. ❤️

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Finally first release on PyPI! 🎉 🚀 🔥 ⚡

pip3 install socketify

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Yay got my @takahe instance up and running.

Now you can follow me at @humrochagf

For the moment it will be my alt account for multi-lang posting (en / fr / pt-br)

The fun part about hosting an ActivityPub service is learning how things work behind the scenes.

It's alive!