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Software Developer and Open Source advocate with a taste for typography.

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@helioloureiro same here in Quebec, started to see the to see a little bit of grass in de edges of snow piles. Then, snow since yesterday, passing the 20 cm mark 😅

Yay! Now my lunar lander clone runs in the browser

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Long build times for the web limit productivity and is a source of frustration.

What if you could create and deploy websites *without* a build step? 🤔

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Not sure who needs to hear this today, but remember, your local public library benefits from being used! Usage statistics are how librarians argue for funding! By using this shared service more, you are making it BETTER for everyone else!

It's the glory of the commons, not the tragedy of the commons. Go to the library!!!

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"The Fediverse is Already Dead": Thoughts on the present and future of Mastodon, ActivityPub, and federated social media in general.

[ ]

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I sent two PRs for #Takahē today. It was fun to implement both and think about usability & accessibility. 🙂

- Show profile icon image on the image viewer by shuuji3 · Pull Request · jointakahe/takahe -
- Put no ALT badge on attached images by shuuji3 · Pull Request · jointakahe/takahe -

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If you’re not already following , do yourself a favor and do so now, and check out all their amazing Black History Month posts. Enlightening facts and data presented straightforwardly without drama but still dramatic.

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📣📣📣 Book announcement 📣📣📣

I wrote a book called "Leading developers"!

Most books out there cover leadership in the context of a larger organisation where leaders operate within an existing leadership framework. The goal of my book is to help you *build your own leadership framework*.

You can read it online for free or buy it here:

It's just 5 dollars on launch day!

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Test using rel tag link

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This seems like a pretty decent description of fedi, tbh

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RT @magnunleno
Galera dev que curte café, ajudem pelo menos no retweet. O Café di Preto está precisando de uma nova casa...

@gilsonfilho @badtux_ @rochacbruno @LucasTeles42 @zanfranceschi @osantana @omariosouto @masbahnana @marcogomes @gomex @rla4 @cmaiacd @gleiceellen @ericleribertson

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socketify in CPython now can deliver 3 mi req/s instead of 2.5 mi req/s

socketify ASGI with PyPy is the first ASGI to hit over 1 mi req/s in

socketify WSGI with PyPy is the first WSGI to hit over 1.5 mi req/s

Edited 106d ago
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some materials from last year, made using , rendered in

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Introducing BootFriend: custom firmware for the WonderSwan Color/SwanCrystal!
- "multiboot" (load software to RAM via serial port),
- backup the IPL (boot ROM),
- manage game data & saves,
- flash cartridges without an external flasher!

Installation instructions, downloads and more information are available here:

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PyConUS 2023 schedule released and keynote speakers revealed!!! 🤩
I'm proud to present @willingc @dontusethsicode @mmitchell_ai @nedbat as our keynote speakers.
Don't miss special appearances by Python Steering Council and Guido van Rossum

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WebSocket Weasel is a very useful tool for testing, umm, WebSockets! Emoji awesome

Source code:

Firefox/LibreWolf extension:

@humrochagf @gabubellon Mas a contrapartida do Hatch é que ele é um pouco menos automático que o Poetry

@gabubellon Entre os dois eu vou de poetry, pq ele tem uma interface menos confusa e faz bastante coisa automática pra vc. Pra projeto feito pra ser OpenSource eu prefiro o Hatch pq ele só implementa o que já foi aceito nas PEPs e tb o lockfile do poetry de vez enquanto da uns problemas de instalaçao quando vc visa multiplas versões do python.

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So I got my instance back online (thanks MUSTARDTIGER), so now begins the long fight to get things to start posting again to my inbox. I don't really know what to do with some instances.

I guess I'll start with creating some content, and hopefully things might start working again?

Oh, super nice lib, want to play around with it and make some nice map plots

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EDIT: the owner has suspended the service, stating: "indefinitely [suspended]. Valid concerns were raised and I don't have the energy to rebuild it the right way."

Will do a write-up on this later.

Original post (shortened):


Threadstodon is a simple and clean toll to unroll threads into an easy-to read format

Works exactly like you expect: give the thread URL, and you get an clean and easy-to-read formatted page of the thread back, that you can also easily share as well.

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I love the fact that those 2 lines from "Zen of Python" come together:

There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it.
Although that way may not be obvious at first unless you're Dutch.

We do have multiple options to deal with the same problem, but each one is the "one obvious way" for someone in the community.

If you didn't find yours, let's talk and look for it together, or even build it 🙂

I wrote a small post about how Mastodon implements the layer for the Poll functionality.