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Software Developer and Open Source advocate with a taste for typography.

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For my hackathon project I did try to make CFA (Cat Factor Authentication, using your cat's microchip as a second factor) a thing 😆 The project did win a prize, but more for the experimentation then the actual result

@simon awesome template.

It's nice to see a no extenal packager solution with pyproject.toml

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Put together a big upgrade to my python-lib cookiecutter template today: it now uses pyproject.toml rather than, and it configures a publish.yml workflow that publishes packages to PyPI without needing a password or authentication token using PyPI Trusted Publishers

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Metadata Cleaner is used, as the name suggests, to clean metadata. Load in files, or whole folders, and have the app remove any unwanted information. See what fields are being erased and the values they held previously. If your camera adds a location to photos it takes, but you don't want that (or any other extra data) shared, you should be using this app!

You can follow the app's creator here: @rmnvgr

You can get the app on Flathub here:

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Como um bom sommelier de distros GNU/Linux que sou, achei essa ideia genial!

Um site que emula as várias distribuições mais usadas, no navegador.

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I'm back with a new post about some work @cfbolz and I are doing to make C extensions faster in PyPy

@giovanna Soo cute 🥰

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Good Sunday everyone ✨

@brianokken @webology @CodenameTim hahaha this describes my feeling before I bought everything wireless. Every time I forget to close the office, my cat passes by and chews some cable 😅

@hynek @humrochagf yup, I started sketching it in the same flow of providing a factory to the registry but the ergonomics of svcs already solves things I was starting to think about. One of them was to avoid delegating this type cast to who is implementing the service

@hynek thanks for svcs I was writing a service registry for a pet project and it will save me some maintenance and reinventing the wheel time 😅

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I've just released django-tui 23.9!

The new version adds an interactive shell for running ORM queries!


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In Vitest 1.0 you can more easily share data between the main thread and your test files by using provide/inject API:

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If you are switching between and , I’ve got good news! 🎉

I just published a blog post outlining a collection of changes you’ll have to make if you are migrating between these two frameworks. 🚀

Read the full blog post here:

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You're about to start a new pip-installable project.

What do you do?

Options: (choose one)

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Last night and this morning, I've had narrative games on my mind, and wondered if I could achieve a transition in PICO-8 that would suit heavier themes and not seem so "arcadey".

@driscollis Option "C"

I usually use literal string concatenation in command line scripts that have long output lines.

Fun fact: the concatenation happens in bytecode compile time, so the tradeoff is some more cycles in startup time to save some cycles at runtime.


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Les femmes québécoises travaillent gratuitement depuis samedi

Le travail des femmes d’ici la fin de l’année équivaut à du travail gratuit en raison des iniquités salariales.

@yassie_j @mae it was funny that I read nvm as "Node Version Manager" even before looking at the image content 😅

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Inter version 4.0 →

After two years of work on a new version of Inter, I'm so proud that it's finally released. (It's been in beta for the past year)

The changes are vast. Most notably there are six additional "Display" designs for large delicious type

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Dear Python developers on Linux

Workbench 45.3 is out and thanks to @capypara, now supports Python Emoji python

Workbench is a code playground for GNOME and GTK Emoji gnome

It features UI live reload, over a 100 demos and inline Python execution.

We hope you like it.

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Superbe carte. Les superficies des pays sont représentées dans leurs tailles réelles (pas comme avec la classique projection de Mercator).
Attention par contre,
la boîte à l'origine de ce visuel, ArtLebedev, a commis une grosse faute impérialiste en comptant la Crimée dans la Russie. Cette région appartient à l'Ukraine, elle est envahit par la Russie contre le droit international.

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