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Software Developer and Open Source advocate with a taste for typography.

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It looks like the job market is a bit weird for software developers nowadays. But let's see if I can find something here on . I am not unemployed but I am considering new opportunities. I am a skilled developer with over a decade of experience with web development and web scraping. Looking for remote jobs only anywhere in the world.

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🦆 DuckDB may be the tool you didn't know you were missing

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Oh, that's interesting.
Will try to support it quickly. 🙂

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A project I'm working on has surpassed 200 stars on GitHub and it is not even finished yet.

Therefore, to give it even more pressure on me to finish the first version of this app, here is me introducing to the fediverse Cartero, a HTTP client to test web APIs and make requests graphically.

It is written in and it uses modern GNOME technologies such as and Blueprint.

Here is the canonical screenshot for the current nightly version as of this post.

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🔍 Terminal Tip: Instant Source Viewer! 🐍

Below I defined a function called `pys` (you can add it to your .zshrc).

Now you can peek at Python source code from the command line like this:

$ pys module [object]

$ pys collections
$ pys collections Counter

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@rochacbruno só consigo pensar em pepa pig 😁

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@humrochagf @gutocarvalho @rochacbruno e sobre a decisão do Andrew de não continuar como mantenedor principal

@rochacbruno @humrochagf @gutocarvalho ela foi implementada mas está desabilitada na config default pq a migração pra fora dele não tá implementada ainda, então vc ficaria preso no takahe se quiser sair depois (ref: )

@codeshow @humrochagf @dunossauro @gutocarvalho ah sim eu implementei o sistema de poll e ele é interessante pq não tem uma definição oficial no protocolo, como o mastodon tomou a licença poética de fazer sua versão dele eu fiz uma engenharia reversa nele pra ser compatível e documentei pra caso alguém passe pelo mesmo processo e tenha dúvidas 🙂

@humrochagf @rochacbruno @gutocarvalho de funcionalidades todas as principais estão lá mas as apis secundárias como as trends estão só entregando uma lista vazia

@rochacbruno @humrochagf @gutocarvalho a migração de contas tá meio que pela metade, pq o projeto começou como um hobby do Andrew mas agora está em busca de pessoas para assumir o projeto então tá meio que não recomendado de migrar pq não sabemos se o projeto vai continuar.

@rochacbruno eu tenho rodado a um tempinho já minha instância pelos mesmos motivos e tb pra fuçar o protocolo. Eu rodo uma instância em python com Takahe e diff de instancias grandes, por ser só eu a instância roda o carregamento de mídia como um cache guardado a ref pra original. Toda mídia baixada fica no cache pra acesso rápido de curto prazo, mas eu comunico a ref original no boost pra não ter que guardar mídia externa e evitar sobrecarga e problemas legais.

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For my hackathon project I did try to make CFA (Cat Factor Authentication, using your cat's microchip as a second factor) a thing 😆 The project did win a prize, but more for the experimentation then the actual result

@simon awesome template.

It's nice to see a no extenal packager solution with pyproject.toml

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Put together a big upgrade to my python-lib cookiecutter template today: it now uses pyproject.toml rather than, and it configures a publish.yml workflow that publishes packages to PyPI without needing a password or authentication token using PyPI Trusted Publishers

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Metadata Cleaner is used, as the name suggests, to clean metadata. Load in files, or whole folders, and have the app remove any unwanted information. See what fields are being erased and the values they held previously. If your camera adds a location to photos it takes, but you don't want that (or any other extra data) shared, you should be using this app!

You can follow the app's creator here: @rmnvgr

You can get the app on Flathub here:

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Como um bom sommelier de distros GNU/Linux que sou, achei essa ideia genial!

Um site que emula as várias distribuições mais usadas, no navegador.

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I'm back with a new post about some work @cfbolz and I are doing to make C extensions faster in PyPy

@giovanna Soo cute 🥰

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Good Sunday everyone ✨

@brianokken @webology @CodenameTim hahaha this describes my feeling before I bought everything wireless. Every time I forget to close the office, my cat passes by and chews some cable 😅