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Software Developer and Open Source advocate with a taste for typography.

Yay! Now my lunar lander clone runs in the browser

@humrochagf @gabubellon Mas a contrapartida do Hatch é que ele é um pouco menos automático que o Poetry

@gabubellon Entre os dois eu vou de poetry, pq ele tem uma interface menos confusa e faz bastante coisa automática pra vc. Pra projeto feito pra ser OpenSource eu prefiro o Hatch pq ele só implementa o que já foi aceito nas PEPs e tb o lockfile do poetry de vez enquanto da uns problemas de instalaçao quando vc visa multiplas versões do python.

Oh, super nice lib, want to play around with it and make some nice map plots

I love the fact that those 2 lines from "Zen of Python" come together:

There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it.
Although that way may not be obvious at first unless you're Dutch.

We do have multiple options to deal with the same problem, but each one is the "one obvious way" for someone in the community.

If you didn't find yours, let's talk and look for it together, or even build it 🙂

I wrote a small post about how Mastodon implements the layer for the Poll functionality.

One nice thing about implementing mastodon compatible features to , like polls support, is that once you get the base working, you have a lot of clients that are able to render it 🙂

@osantana @nixCraft oooh minha primeira linguagem de programação foi pascal e eu usava justamente o turbo pascal hehe

@gutocarvalho pense em pair programming remoto ou editar arquivos no gdocs com mais de uma pessoa 😜

Oh, it took me a while to figure out you can change the main bar in @Tusky to be positioned at the bottom 🎉

@sethmlarson Awesome post and super clear explanation. There's just a small error in the diagram comparing the "a" char i utf-8 and ascii in the conversion to binary, the utf-8 side has the wrong binary value for hex 61

The fun part about hosting an ActivityPub service is learning how things work behind the scenes.

It's alive!